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Thermal insulation and vapor-proof film. Isolation of 1 cm is replaced by 24 cm of mineral wool.

SKYTECH is an advanced insulation system of the French manufacturer Winco Tech. It is about reflecting negorivoj insulation is applied as thermal insulation on the inside of walls, ceilings and basements, and on the outside to insulate the roof and the exterior facades of all building types.

With the imperative to reduce energy consumption inresidential and commercial buildings, residential building envelope air tightness is considered important primarily because of reduced energy losses and achievea comfortable microclimate inside. Installed as the covering surface, SKYTECH creates a complete insulation envelope on the roof of eliminating thermal bridges and heat loss due to changes of air on the roof. This type of membrane permeability to the roof structure.

SKYTECH as a single product provides two solutions - insulation and vapor permeability roof. This single product could replace the insulation and vapor permeable foil which is used in roofing installation. The product is characterized byt he properties of high resistivity and density (110kg/ m3) and the acoustic insulation of Rw=16dB. Due to its high vapor permeability using Skytech anda voids the problems of condensation and mold in a residential area, the building is protected from the weather, especially in case of damage to traditional roof covers.


SKYTECH is a harmless material, asbestos, formaldehyde or any other harmful ingredients. For its production uses 90% recycled materials, and it is a material that is fully recyclable.




Ue=0,16 W/m2K λ=0,033 W/mK

SKYTECH insulating characteristics of the system:

  1. Save time and money - a product that replaces the insulation material and vapor permeablefoil - 1cm SkyTech replaced by 24 cm of mineral wool
  2. Energy savings - a pleasant micro - climate in winter and summer
  3. High permeability - eliminates condensation problems and possible application to existing solutions
  4. 100% waterproof, hermetic, indissoluble, non-flammable
  5. Ecological materials - can be fully recycled