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-  focused on the sale and installation of quality materials for making roofs (covering, lumber, sheet metal, insulation ...) Our goal is to offer customers a complete service, or when creating a new adaptation of the old roof in a way that the works are carried out as soon as possible extremely well. This means that no undue delay in a variety of masters such as carpenter, plumber, installer of roof windows, installation of lightning protection installer ...

We cooperate with world famous manufacturers roofing and insulation. It was not our intention to engage in production, but to offer potential customers a top quality product that manufacturers improve the world for many years and its production using the latest achievements in the world. We work with products that are globally accepted due to the high standards that meet. Specifically, these covers are resistant to all extreme weather: thunderstorms, hail, fire, ice, earthquake ...


Steel cover is used for many years and is one of the best cover to cover objects because of its excellent characteristics. With the addition of mineral granules reached the perfect look.

The advantages of steel roofing:

  • - Seven times less weight than conventional tiles, only 6.5 kg/m2
  • - Reduced unnecessary load bearing structure
  • - Resistant to very strong blows
  • - A layer of mineral granules protect tile cca.45% and reflects solar radiation
  • - Doesn't burn
  • - Do not shoot, do not freeze the peels, absolutely not absorb water, no algae growth
  • - Resistant to hail

Mounted on the roof slope 12-90 degrees.

Galvalume steel core, coated with a layer of Al-Zn, and several layers of acrylic paint, prevents corrosion. This is the last step in protecting metals from corrosion. Lifetime warranty for original purchaser.