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Mathematics in Everyday Life Essay

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Solving a mathematical problem may be a much meticulous process. Facebook Twitter. View Activities. Mathematical modeling and the design of associated software are indispensible in manufacturing for the design and optimization of increasingly sophisticated essays on math and processes.

In financial and insurance companies, quantitative modeling has become essential in designing financial products, estimating model risk and developing processes for executing transactions. Average people are more connected to the images of trees, grass, and animals because they are in physical world. Therefore, when the mathematics of the physical world is presented in the the way of symbols, the average person is out of their depth.

However, when the mathematics is presented visually as in nature, the average person is more connected and therefore, can find the beauty more easily. V: Mathematics is a universal language. I think one of its merits is that someone from any country is able to learn this language, proficiently or not, because it relies not on any grammar that is based on lengthy words and grammatical fillers.

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The bottom line was that I had to teach myself to do it in the "usual case" with sines and cosines applied to reasonably well-behaved functions. Later in life, I've run into dozens of similar cases, where I had learned the abstract, theoretical theorems, but had never tried to apply them to real problems.

If you read Concrete Mathematics by Knuth, Graham, and Patashnik, Knuth states in the preface that the reason the book and the course based on it were written and taught is that there were large areas of mathematics he dissertation thorsten eggert never seen taught and that he wished he had known in order to do his work in computer science.

In many universities, in fact, engineering departments offer their own math courses since their students are unable to solve engineering problems with the tools they learn from the math department. In the case of the University of Rochester a few years ago, the administration decided basically to eliminate the math department and replace it with service courses for students in various other areas. It didn't happen, but it sure came close tok essays on math with commentary happening.

Tok essays on math with commentary

I believe the main impetus was complaints from the engineering departments. The bottom line is that we need to teach students the mathematical techniques they will need to use later in life to solve the sorts of problems they will encounter. This obviously varies from person to person, so in the best of all possible worlds, we could teach a different sort of math class to future mathematicians, to future engineers, future computer scientists, carpenters, accountants, or housewives, giving each exactly what they need.

Having a separate curriculum for every type of person is clearly an impossible goal, but I think we can do far better at designing a curriculum that would work well for everyone.

In the first few years, it would cover what everyone, technical or non-technical, needs to know. At that point, most folks could stop taking math, and courses aimed more at technical people but not necessarily mathematicians could be taught. The argument is made that it's good for the students to learn to think logically, and that doing abstract math is a good way to teach logical thinking.

The ability essays on math think logically is critical, but there are plenty of places where you can apply logic to practical problems that require a more concrete type of mathematics. I fully agree that there are some wonderful, beautiful theorems and results in pure mathematics, some practical and some less so. I have no objection to teaching optional courses on this material for non-mathematicians, sort of the way I might take an art appreciation course even though I can't draw a recognizable stick figure of a human by myself.

Since the bottom line of an education is to allow the student to be able to function well in society, the best approach is to list the sorts of problems with some mathematical essays about the old man and the sea that ordinary people face.

Essay on math such a list in mind, it's much easier to see what mathematics is useful and what is not. I make no claim that the list below is in any way complete, but I believe that it gives a general idea of the things I have in mind.

The basic course I envision would cover the mathematics and logic necessary to solve or approximately solve all the problems above. I have no objection to using calculators heavily, but I would insist that each student be able to estimate, with reasonable accuracy, the results of such calculations before doing them. It may seem like a small set of topics, but I think they should be taught over and over, with more difficult problems each time around.

Computational in nature, trigonometry requires the measurement of angles and the computation of trigonometric functions, which include sine, cosine, tangent, and their reciprocals. Trigonometry relies on the synthetic geometry developed by Greek mathematicians like Euclid.

For example, Ptolemy's theorem gives rules for the chords of the sum and difference of angles, which correspond to the sum and difference formulas for sines and cosines. In past cultures, trigonometry was applied to astronomy and the computation of angles in the essay on math sphere.

After the fall of Rome, the development of mathematics was taken on by the Arabs, then the Europeans. Fibonacci was one of the first European mathematicians, and was famous for his theories on arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

The Renaissance led to advances that included decimal fractions, logarithms, and projective geometry. Number theory was greatly expanded upon, and theories like probability and analytic geometry ushered in a new age of mathematics, with calculus at the forefront.

In the 17th century, Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz independently developed the foundations for calculus. Such "instruction" would be torture. No teacher would ever dream essays on math such a thing, of removing the heart and soul of the whole experience, of removing the music.

And yet that is exactly what has happened in most high school mathematics classes over the last 25 years. For whatever misguided reason, mathematics students have been deprived of the heart and soul of the course and been left with a torturous outer shell.

The prime example is the gutting of geometry courses, where proofs have been removed or de-emphasized. Apparently some teachers think that this is "doing the students a favor. A long time ago when I was in graduate school, the physical fitness craze was starting.

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A doctor named Cooper wrote a book on Aerobics in which he outlined programs one could follow to build up aerobic capacity, and therefore cardiovascular health. You could do it via running, walking, swimming, stair climbing, or stationary running. Essays on math each case, he outlined a week by week schedule. The goal was to work up celtic art dissertation what he called 30 "points" per weeks of exercise during a twelve week program.

Since it was winter and I lived in a snowy place, I decided to do stationary running. I built a foam padded platform to jog in place. Day after day I would follow the schedule, jogging in place while watching television. I dreamed of the spring when I would joyfully demonstrate my new health by running a mile in 8 minutes, which was said to be equivalent to points-per-week cardiovascular health.

The great day came. I started running at what I thought was a moderate pace. But within a minute I was feeling winded! The other people with me started getting far ahead. I tried to keep up, but soon I was panting, gasping for breath. I had to give up after half a mile!

I was crushed. What could have gone wrong? I cursed that darn Dr. Cooper and his book. I eventually figured it out. In the description of stationary running, it said that every part of one's foot must be lifted a certain distance from the floor, maybe it was 10 inches.

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Here is an explanation of the importance of a subject in every order you make: If you have to write a term paper in medicine, you can choose a topic of obesity. The invention of logarithm has also done by the Francois Viete, which was used in bringing the transformation into the multiplication process. Ahead the development of rules and formulas of logarithm has been done by John Essays on math in the year He advances the field of the logarithm and definitely made it more interesting.

The Logarithm actually reduces the calculation time and gives birth to new mathematics diverse ideas. Isaac Newton gave the most significant principle for the mathematics named calculus. It was one of the most important inventions into the field of math.

The ground work for the probability theory was set by the Blaise Pascal and Fermat that later become the foundation for the game of gambling through combinatory. Later it becomes the foundation of utility theory when the Pascal and Wager gave new dimensions to the probability theory.

In the era of the eighteenth century again the dimensions were set by Leonhard Euler when he propounded the graph theory and most importantly the complex analysis and multitude of analysis were also noticeable work of Leonhard Euler. Next change or newly pioneered work did by Laplace as his work shed light on celestial mechanics and statistics. Further, the Nineteenth century took the mathematics up to the next and highest level.

This century was most revolutionary century ever in the history of mathematics. In this century, the Carl Guass changed the thought process towards the math and provided lots of stunning and amazing piece of works.

His work included the functions of complex variables, geometry and most importantly the convergence of series. The fundamental theorem of algebra and quadratic reciprocity law was also firstly propounded by the Carl Guass. His contribution into this field was immense.

Math Essay - Words - Cram

The birth of ideas related to the curves and surfaces was given by the German mathematician Bernhard Reimann. He has re shaped the understanding about the geometry and gave new dimensions to this field of mathematics. For more than two thousand years, mathematics has been a part of the human search for understanding.

Mathematical discoveries have come both from the attempt to describe essays on math natural world and from the desire to arrive at a form of inescapable truth from careful reasoning. These remain fruitful and important motivations for mathematical thinking, but in the last century mathematics has been successfully applied to many other aspects of the human world: voting trends in politics, the dating of ancient artifacts, the analysis of automobile traffic patterns, and long-term strategies for the sustainable harvest of deciduous forests, to mention a few.

Today, mathematics as a mode of thought and expression is more valuable than ever before. Learning to think in mathematical terms is an essential part of becoming a liberally educated person. The majority of educated Americans do not think of Mathematics when they think of a liberal education. Mathematics as essential for science, yes, for business and accounting, sure, but for a liberal education? The great misconception about mathematics -- and it stifles and thwarts more students than any other single thing -- is the notion that mathematics is about formulas and cranking out computations.

It is the unconsciously held delusion that mathematics is a set of rules and formulas that have been worked out by God knows who for God knows why, and the student's duty is to memorize all this stuff. Such students seem to feel that sometime in the future their boss will walk into the office and demand "Quick, what's the quadratic formula?

Mathematics is not about answers, it's about processes. Let me give a series of parables to essay on math to get to the root of the misconceptions and to try to illuminate what mathematics IS all about. None of these analogies is perfect, but all provide insight. When a new building is made, a skeleton of steel struts called the scaffolding is put up first. The workers walk on the scaffolding and use it to hold equipment as they begin the real task of constructing the building.

The scaffolding has no use by itself. It would be absurd to just build the scaffolding and then walk away, thinking that something of value has been accomplished.

Yet this is what seems to occur in all too tok essays on math with commentary mathematics classes in high schools. Students learn formulas and how to dissertation environmental science into them.

They learn mechanical techniques for solving certain equations or taking derivatives.

Evaluate This Student Essay: Why I Hate Mathematics

But all of these things are just the scaffolding. They are necessary and useful, sure, but by themselves they are useless. Doing only the superficial and then thinking that something important has happened is like building only the scaffolding.

The real "building" in the mathematics sense is the true mathematical understanding, the true ability to think, perceive, and analyze mathematically. Professional athletes spend hours in gyms working out on equipment of all sorts. Special trainers are hired to advise them on workout schedules.

They spend hours running on treadmills. Why do they do that? Are they learning skills necessary for playing their sport, say basketball?

Imagine there are three seconds left in the seventh game of the NBA championship. The score is tied. Time out. The pressure is intense. The coach is huddling with his essays on math players. He says to one, "OK Michael, this is it. You know what to do. Bring in my treadmill! Of course not! But then what essays on math all that treadmill time for? If the treadmill is not seen during the actual game, was it just a waste to use it?

Were all those trainers wasting their time? Of course not. It produced if it was done right! Those capacities are of enormous value even if they cannot be seen in any immediate sense.

So too does mathematics education produce something of value, true mental capacity and the ability to think. When I was in first grade we read a series of books about Dick and Jane.