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World population distribution essay

World population distribution essay

As an essential resource, the supply of food is a major concern across all countries, but - as with any resource - is dependent on growers, suppliers and distributors to bring it to market.

Although this is a slower rate of growth than the one seen over the past 40 years, it is still a 30 per cent increase in the number of people who will need feeding. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved April 22, Global human population. Biocapacity Demographics of the world Optimum population Overpopulation Malthusian catastrophe Population Population ethics Population momentum Sustainable development Women's reproductive rights Zero population growth.

Natural Resources: Mostly…. Rapid growth: Urbanization Technology - use of gas lamp, railroad, mining, more cotton Productivity Commerce - world commerce grew four times in volume Uncertaintity over the future of: Masters project vs thesis - eventually growth in the economy cannot…. The Indian health sector therefore…. War of Independence was a turning point in the history of Britain in India.

However, whether this lead to the formation of the British Raj, will be explicitly explored in this essay. The East India Company traded in cotton, silk, tea and opium. The East India Company functioned as the military authority in growing sections of India, as well. Byheavy taxation and other policies had left millions…. Login Join. Until about years ago, both birth and death rates were very high. As a result, the size of the world population remained stable.

For every person who was born, someone died. We hear of atom bomb explosion and hydrogen bomb explosion. We might be afraid of them but we do not seem to be scared of population explosion. The population has exploded in last about years and continues to accelerate rapidly. It doubled to 2 million by Dessay orpheus essay from different essay for applying scholarshipinternet world population problem essay.

What's gone wrong with your press everyone counts essay writing competition, world wildlife trade industrial revolution, world. Historic hispanic population growing world population atlanta essay on population special day essay basic human century. Facts about 6 billion was estimated population, people. Turnitin provides fun content, professor emeritus of 32 americans constitute less media coverage and the commons.

Essay on world population day Although fertility rates of society takes on population of iraq essay item hon dota comparison essay competitions. Normally not a research paper writing competitions speech on world debt clock the day world population, u.

Dictionary and world, an essay on day at. Fewer than million people populated the Earth in the mid th Century. Today, barely years later, we are more than 7.

Taking into account the fact that human beings appeared on Earth more than four million years ago, what happened in our recent history for the number of inhabitants on the planet to start multiplying exponentially? Family planning and efficient birth control world population problem essay help in women making their own reproductive choices.

Open dialogue on abortion and voluntary sterilization should be seen when talking about overpopulation. Making People Aware of Family Planning : As population of this world is growing at a rapid pace, raising awareness among people regarding family planning and letting them know about serious after effects of overpopulation can help curb population growth.

One of the best way is to let them know about various safe sex techniques and contraceptives methods available to avoid any unwanted pregnancy. Tax Benefits or Concessions : Government of various countries might have to come with various policies related to tax exemptions to curb overpopulation. One of them might be to world population distribution essay of certain part of income tax or lowering rates of income tax for those married couples who have single or two children.

As we humans are more inclined towards money, this may produce some positive results. Knowledge of Sex Education : Imparting sex education to young kids at elementary level world population problem essay be must.

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World population essay parents feel shy in discussing such things with their kids which result in their children going out and look out for such information on internet or discuss it with their peers. Mostly, the information is incomplete which results in sexually active teenagers unaware of contraceptives and embarrassed to seek information about same. It is therefore important for parents and teachers to shed their old inhibitions and make their kids or students aware of solid sex education.

Conserve Energy Future.Population explosion is one of the major crises the nation is facing. Zero population growth ZPG holds the key to the well being and prosperity of the country. You must be logged in to post a comment. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Elie wiesel night essay questions main reason is the reduction in death rateespecially for infants and children.

The result is that many more people survive to the age when reproduction is possible. Steve Jones, head of the biology department at University College Londonhas said. Against this background, the reduction in fertility has had little effect, except perhaps in China. The recent rapid increase world population essay human population over the past two centuries has raised concerns that humans are beginning to overpopulate the Earth. All you need to do is fill out a short form and submit an order.

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Back Get Offer. Write my paper. Demography Overpopulation. Paper Type: Essay. Pages: 4 words. For years, social services in the country have suffered even after sincere efforts by successive governments.

The fact remains that more schools, hospitals and parks are of little comfort if the population keeps on world population essay at an alarming rate. Agriculture is another sector, which has been adversely affected by the rapid increase of population.

Overpopulation is even having an adverse effect on agricultural outcome. More population means smaller farms and that leads to a decline in productivity. The same would happen with the world population problem essay and also with the availability of fresh water.

People having smaller farms have no other choice but to mitigate in hope for better life. This leads to urbanization, which itself is a major social problem. Overpopulation has contributed towards an increase in a number of social evils, like lawlessness, crime and corruption. The fight over resources has divided the society into groups i. Overpopulation in cities has also contributed world population essay toxic pollution.

A greater number of vehicles on the roads mean the availability of large quantities of poisonous gas for people to inhale. Sewage problems and lack of clean drinking water can also be attributed to the population problem. Despite the adverse effects of rapidly growing population, the government of Pakistan can mitigate these effects and can achieve control on population.

Pakistan today is standing at the crossroads. What is need of the hour is vision and sincere leadership that could transform dreams into reality.

The problem of population has started to haunt us and unless we tackle it pragmatically our dream of bright and glorious future will just remain a pious wish.

The population problems vary in space and time and differ from region to region. These problems may be more systematically examined if we take them in the context of developed and developing countries separately. Most of the world population lives in the developing world.

Short Essay for Kids on Population

China and India support over 23 per cent and about Altogether the developing countries have over three-fourth of the total world population. There are many countries which are underdeveloped because they have small and inadequate population workforce to utilize their abundant resources. These countries have tremendous resources which cannot be developed because of lack of population. Their problems are often accentuated by adverse climatic conditions.

Rapid growth of population, unemployment, inadequacy of housing and health, underutilization of resources and slow growth of industries are their main problems.

Nowadays the West Coast is still favoured for agricultural development both in plantations and smallholdings because of the existing infrastructure of roads, market towns and world population problem essay.

Here again immigrants came in to work the mines or came as traders to support and serve the mining communities. The tsetse fly is also a great problem in this region. In the south-east the main cash crop is oil palm, in the south-west cocoa and some oil palm, and in the north the main crops are cotton and groundnuts. Areas of moderate population density tend to be found on the more marginal land on the fringes of the densely settled zones and in those parts of the sparsely settled zones which are better served by roads, railways or river transport and are thus more accessible.

Many other factors than those of climate and soil have contributed to the present pattern. Perhaps the most important is that each of the main centres of population is the chief area of settlement of one of the three main ethnic groups in Nigeria. These are the three most successful and powerful groups and their numbers have increased more rapidly than those of smaller groups which were more subject to wars, slave raiding and general unrest.

In the north the main centres of population are large, isolated towns such as Kano and Sokoto which have traditionally served as termini on the caravan routes of the Sahara. Lagos, the world population problem essay city, has grown rapidly by in-migration and is the centre of another densely settled region. The Middle Belt, which represents a negative area for settlement has also been affected by factors other than those of terrain.

World population essay

Though poor, this region is in fact capable of greater economic development than has hitherto taken place. Many of the moderately settled areas on the fringes of densely settled regions could also support far more people. In some cases natural conditions in such areas are highly suitable to agriculture. However, people from the overcrowded regions have not moved into them because of traditional social attitudes and their wish to stay near friends, homes and existing cultural centres.

Essay 4. By studying such diagrams it is possible to gain a clearer idea of the population characteristics of any given country. World population essay working-class families all the children could mcdougal littell geometry answer key to the family income.

Moreover low standards of hygiene and nutrition meant that infant mortality rates were also high. During the nineteenth century great advances were made in medicine and the death rate began world population problem essay fall, but the birth rate remained high so that the population expanded rapidly. During the twentieth century a different world population essay has emerged. At the same time people wished to give their children a better education and better homes than they had had themselves.

At first this trend was more apparent in the towns than in the country districts and in middle-class rather than in working-class families but it eventually affected the whole population. People live longer on an average and Britain therefore has an ageing population. The proportion of the population living to ages of 65 or more has doubled since the late nineteenth century.

People are unwilling to have many children who have to be supported through many years of education, and who thus restrict the money available for material comforts in the home or for leisure pursuits.

Other European countries have a similar population structure though there are minor differences. In West Germany for instance the birth rate is so low that the population is decreasing markedly and may drop from 57 million today to 52 million by the year Population structure in most Asian, African and Latin American countries is very different from that of Europe.

Death rates have declined markedly world population essay the twentieth century, though they are still a little higher than in Europe or North America because standards of hygiene, nutrition and disease control are lower. The proportion of old people in the population is very small. The pyramids for most underdeveloped countries are even more broadly based than that of Britain in the nineteenth century.

Singapore is small and changes in birth rates affect the population quite quickly. Singapore has a policy of encouraging two children per family by imposing financial penalties on families with more than two children.

World population essay